Daily Schedule:

     Zero Hour Wed-Thur-Fri


Summer 2016: University of Montana Livingston Jazz Workshop

Given the popularity of this workshop last two summers, we have decided to expand to two camps! All music students are encouraged to attend this camp regardless of instrumentation (yes, even violins). 

      Middle School Registration (under construction)

      High School Registration (under construction)



The Park High Jazz Program is a laboratory for students to learn how to perform within the context of the Jazz idiom. This ensemble not only focus' on standard jazz big band repertory, but latin, rock, and funk styles as well. All students are encouraged to explore the concept of solo improvisation as it relates to Jazz.


The Jazz Program is open to all band students at Park High. Admittance into this ensemble does not require a formal audition. Students are encouraged to start a secondary instrument in this ensemble. 


Repertory Jazz Band meets before school (7:25 - 8:10) three days a week (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday).

2017 Concerts: 

      See Band Handbook for Dates

A functional appropriate instrument     (very few are available from the          school upon request)

SmartMusic Home Subscription

     Not required but recomended 

A Sharp Pencil 

     Every day! 

Band Handbook

     Detailed outline of our practices

Course Materials