• Mr. Garrett Stannard

September 2nd

Jazz Festival Planning Committees

Attention Parents: Call to Action

Several years ago, we started the Livingston Jazz Festival. One of a kind, the Livingston Jazz Festival brings internationally recognized artists, jazz lovers, and lifelong learners together. Each year, over 500 participants enjoy featured artist concerts, after-hours jam sessions, daytime performances, and many educational workshops.

With all of this talent in one place we offer local schools the opportunity to work with our guest artists. Free of charge; college, high school, and middle school jazz bands are encouraged to perform for our guest clinicians, receiving feedback in a nurturing non-competitive environment.

Each day, several free educational workshops on topics ranging from improvisation and arranging to vocal and instrumental techniques are offered by our guest artists - free of charge!


Jazz Band Parents, Listed are the following committees needing your assistance:

Marketing and Media (min. 1-2 Parents)

- Copywriter and Marketing

- Poster, Website, T-Shirt Design, etc. - Social Media Management

Hospitality (min. 3-4 Parents)

- Guest Artist Experience

- Festival Attendee Experience - Evening Concert Experience - Festival Worker Experience

Facilities and Equipment Management (min. 3-4 Parents)

- Lighting and Stage Directing - Stage Rhythm Section Equipment Management

- Live Stream/Record Performances

- Facilities: Holbrook Church & Park High School

​*Each committee will work closely with me and have a sufficient number of student helpers assigned. **A budget exists for each committee, exact amounts to be determined.

To sign up, please contact

The Gateway City Big Band Calling All Past and Present Players!

Continuing Livingston’s rich history as a hub for the Performing Arts, I am initiating our own community jazz band! Instructed by myself, this not-for-profit/volunteer big band is open to our community members. Parents, those of you who have hung up your horn, I would love to have you! Rehearsals:Tuesday Nights 7-9pm // October 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 Dress Rehearsal: November 5th Performance: November 7th Where: Park High School Band Room Cost: There is no cost to participate

The ensemble will comprise the following instrumentation:

Saxophone (Alto, Tenor, Bari) Trumpet Trombone Piano Guitar Bass Drum Set & Percussion

If you are interested, please contact me at

Looking Forward, Garrett Stannard Director

Livingston Jazz Festival Website

November 7,8,9

Jazz Ensemble & Repertory Jazz Band

7:20am, Daily Audition Materials made available Thursday August 29th

We offer two jazz bands at Park High. Auditions for Jazz Ensemble are required and will be held *this week. Participation in Repertory Jazz Band does not require an audition. Students wishing to enroll in Jazz Band should contact Mr. Stannard for next steps.

*Scroll down to the "Jazz Rehearsal Schedule" for audition and rehearsal dates.

Pep Band/Marching Band - Fall 2019 Athletic Bands

September & October

Students enrolled in Wind Ensemble and Concert Band support Park High Athletics by providing music for football, volleyball, and basketball games throughout the year.

What is the difference between Pep Band and Marching Band?

Pep Band: Students provide music and spirit from the bleachers (no marching). These performances may be optional or given a grade based on the total percentage of games attended (E.g. a student must perform at 4 of the 8 home basketball games to receive full performance credit) failure to attend the required percentage of games would result in a loss of grade equal to the time missed.

Marching Band: Students provide music and spirit *in marching uniform from the bleachers and march a halftime show on the football field. The halftime show requires the element of intricate movements around the field, therefor every student is crucial for a successful performance. It is imperative that every student make an effort to participate in the halftime show and should consider this when selecting fall activities to participate in.

Our marching band experience will culminate in a local marching band competition the afternoon of October 5th in Bobcat Stadium at MSU. Parents are encouraged to attend. Scroll down for the "Upcoming Events" to see all performance dates and times

Marching band performances are required

*Marching Uniforms

Students will be issued a marching uniform to borrow for the fall season. The uniform does not include the following necessary items

  • black socks

  • black shoes

Jazz Rehearsal Schedule

Week of September 2

Monday - No School - Labor Day

Tuesday - Brass Auditions (Trumpet and Trombone only)

Wednesday - Woodwind Auditions (Saxophones only)

Thursday - Rhythm Section Auditions (Piano, Bass, Drums, Guitar)

Friday - No Rehearsal (audition results posted and music handed out)

Week of September 9

Monday - Jazz Ensemble Rehearsal

Tuesday - Repertory Jazz Band Rehearsal

Wednesday - Jazz Ensemble & Rep Jazz

Thursday - No Rehearsal - Stannard out of town

Friday - No Rehearsal - Stannard out of town

Week of September 16

Monday - Jazz Ensemble

Tuesday - Rep Jazz

Wednesday - Jazz Ensemble

Thursday - Rep Jazz

Friday - No Rehearsal "Purple Ranger Friday" (football game performance that evening)

Upcoming Events *volleyball pep band dates to be added shortly


7 - Pep Band - Football - 3:15pm call - 6:30pm est. dismissal - Optional performance 20 - Marching Band - Football - 6pm call - 9:30pm est. dismissal - Required performance


4 - Marching Band - Homecoming Parade and Football Game - 3:30pm call - parade 8:30pm est. dismissal - Required Performance

5 - Marching Band - MSU Showcase of Bands - 12pm call - competition 3pm, return 5:30pm

25 - Pep Band - Football - 3:15pm call - 6:30pm est. dismissal - Optional performance


7 - Liv Jazz Fest, Gateway City Big Band Performance 7pm

8 - Liv Jazz Fest, Herbie Hancock Institute Ensemble (Jazz Students)

9 - Liv Jazz Fest, Jeff Hamilton Trio (Jazz Students)

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