• Mr. Garrett Stannard

Band Summer Hang

Dear Band Family and Friends,

I hope your summers are full swing! Chinook and I have certainly been enjoying ourselves :)

Last spring alumni and I discussed the past year's events that benefited the band the most. Without a doubt, the Summer Band Hang topped the list. In the spirit of hitting it hard this fall, let us hang Monday August 12th 5-9pm & Tuesday August 13th 5-9pm. If you can only make a few hours, no worries! BUT be sure to connect with someone in your section to obtain the material you missed.

We will be dusting off our pep tunes, working out new ones, and jumping into our fall show.

For those signed up for the Montana Jazz Workshop, we'll see you at Park High Monday, July 22nd.

Also, if you're free Tuesday June 30th - 7:30 to 8:30pm, I'll be conducting a setlist of my favorite music with the Bozeman Municipal Band at Bogart Park. They'll even let you back your truck up and drop the tailgate :)


Garrett Stannard, Director of Bands

Summer Adventures