• Mr. Garrett Stannard

March 18th


March 19th // PHS Rec Plex - 7:00pm

Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, Repertory Jazz, & Jazz Ensemble

FREE MASTERCLASS with MSU Professor Gregory Young

March 28, 4:45 pm @ MSU School of Music

Free masterclass with MSU Professor Gregory Young

- Free pizza

- Free ticket to hear Alex Fiterstein play the Brahms Clarinet Quintet,



April 12th and 13th

Large Ensembles Friday, April 12th @ Bozeman High School (AM performance)

- Wind Ensemble and Concert Band

- This is an MHSA required performance and assessment of our performance and sight reading ability.

Solo's and Small Ensembles Saturday, April 13th @ Helena High School (AM and PM performances)

District Music Fest Solos and Ensemble (4-13)


Timpani and Piano Duet - Cole N. & Finn S.

Trumpet Solo - Gabriel N.

Marimba Solo - Lillian E.

Trombone Solo - Conor P.

Saxophone Duet - Hannah H. & Elijah S.

Flute Quartet - Sophia C. - Adam L. - Raini R. - Alexis T.

Bassoon Solo - Sonia B.

Saxophone Quartet - Sophia C. - Alyssa L. - Cole F. - Shane G.

Flute Solo - Sophie C.

French Horn and Piano Duet - Annika C. - Guthrie D.

French Horn and Flute Duet - Annika C. - Megan N.

Saxophone and Trumpet Duet - Haylee H. - Ashlan M.

Funk Combo - Olaia C. - Kaleb I. - Kenyon J. - Spencer K. - Nick L. - Brandon M. - Ben M. - Ellie P. - Quinn R. - Scott T.

Jazz Rehearsal Schedule

Week of March 18th

Monday - Jazz Ensemble

Tuesday - Rep Jazz & (Jazz Ensemble - 7:50am sound check)

Wednesday - No Rehearsal

Thursday - No Rehearsal

Friday - No Rehearsal

Week of March 25th - SPRING BREAK - No Rehearsal

Week of April 1st - new music and prep for Farmers Market

Monday - Jazz Ensemble

Tuesday - Rep Jazz

Wednesday - Jazz Ensemble

Thursday - Jazz Ensemble & Rep Jazz

Friday - Rep Jazz

JAZZ BAND CHARTS & RECORDINGS *These are copyrighted materials - Please keep these charts for our education purposes only.

Upcoming Events


19 - Spring Band Concert (7:00pm)


12 - District Music Festival @ Bozeman HS (Required - Wind Ensemble & Concert Band)

13 - District Music Festival @ Helena HS (Optional - Solo's & Small Ensembles)


22 - Senior Night and Awards Concert (All Bands)

30 - Farmer's Market 5:30pm (Jazz Ensemble & Rep Jazz)


2 - Graduation (Concert Band & Wind Ensemble)

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