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November 5th

Miles Davis with David Charles MSU Professor of Ethnomusicology

Thursday, November 8th

Montana State University's Professor of Ethnomusicolocy David Charles will be joining Thursday. Professor Charles is here to give a one hour lecture on the life and profound impact Miles Davis has had on American Music.

Feel free to drop by first or second period if you'd like to listen!

Livingston Jazz Festival


I have extra posters available for anyone that would like to hang them up in a high traffic area!

Uniform's Dry-Cleaned and Returned

Thursday, NOVEMBER 8th

In the interest of keeping a productive clutter-free classroom, please keep your uniforms home until Thursday November 8th.

"The issued uniform (shako, jacket, sash, flag, wristbands, gloves, and gauntlets) will need to be returned in dry-cleaned condition (with plastic bag and receipt attached) on Thursday November 8th.

On Nov. 8th - It would be very helpful to have 1 additional parent checking in uniforms. If you are available, please shoot me an email.

Jazz Ensemble to All-Northwest, Portland OR

February 14th - 17th

As many of you know, our Jazz Ensemble was invited to perform at the Bi-Annual All Northwest Music Conference in Portland. In the intrest of brevity, this is a TREMENDOUS HONOR! This conference is designed to provide professional development for music educators from Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana.

Families: this is the point at which I would begin saving for this experience. I estimate this trip (Flying, 4 days & 3 nights of hotels, transportation, food, special experiences) should cost around $500 a student - assuming we receive no financial support. My hope is the Jazz Festival will function as a way to inspire a private donor! Regardless, we should still save $125 a month in anticipation of shouldering the full cost.

Booking flights will occur later this month which means personnel (participating Jazz Ensemble members and chaperones) must be confirmed/committed.

Parents: I anticipate 2 chaperones (besides myself) will sufficiently supervise this band of 14 musicians. Chaperones will not be selected on a "first come - first serve" basis; objective merit and close council from Park High Administration will guide the decision process. Any chaperones that wish to be considered should email me communicating such.

Students: Check your February obligations now, especially Winter sports. Those with conflicts must have their families notify me immediately so a capable replacement can be trained and begin saving for this experience.

Jazz Rehearsal Schedule

Week of November 5th

Monday - Jazz Ensemble

Tuesday - Rep Jazz

Wednesday - Jazz Ensemble

Thursday - Rep Jazz & Jazz Ensemble (Sectionals)

Friday - Rep Jazz

Week of November 12th

Monday - Jazz Ensemble

Tuesday - Rep Jazz

Wednesday - Jazz Ensemble

Thursday - Rep Jazz (Jazz Fest Set Up Party 7:00pm)



Week of November 19th

Monday - No Rehearsal

Tuesday - No Rehearsal

Wednesday - No School

Thursday -No School

Friday - No School

Upcoming Events


16 - Livingston Jazz Festival (see Jazz Fest tab for more info)

17 - Livingston Jazz Festival (see Jazz Fest tab for more info)


7 - Jazz Ensemble opens for MSU Jazz Concert (Noon: depart for MSU, 7:30pm Concert) 17 - Winter Concert - Confirmed (7:00pm - Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Rep Jazz, & Jazz Ensemble)

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