• Mr. Garrett Stannard

October 22nd

2018 All-State Band, Missoula Eli Stevens, Alto Sax


This past Wednesday-Friday Nancy Curtis and myself have been wrapped up in professional development while Eli Stevens and our All-State vocalists Jonathan Noble, Malia Coleman, and Peyton Murphy have been entwined in the same. Aside from their individual preparation, All-State students spent over 20 hours in rehearsal. Their experience culminated Friday night with a concert featuring an orchestra, band, and choir consisting of the very best high-school musicians in the state.

Here is a small sound bite from part of Friday's Band rehearsal.

Incredible to say the least!

Unfortunately, Park High Band program was underrepresented. With some preparation, we have many students who would fit well into this ensemble! Only one application was submitted last Spring, so I guess you could joke we had a 100% acceptance rate! Parents, I must appeal... this is often the most impactful music experience many of our children will have. Please join me in encouraging your musician to audition.

Audition materials for next year's All-State will be released in Spring (late March). Audition recordings will be submitted the last week of school (early June).

Volleyball Pep Band (Senior Night)

Saturday October 27th

Call Time: 4:45pm to 6:45pm est.

Theme: Blackout(?)

Saturday's Volleyball Performance is not a "required performance" rather a "flexible performance" (attendance at only one of four flexible performances is required) but this will be a students last opportunity to make up any Quarter 1 performances they may have missed. Credit for all fall performances will be reflected in their Quarter 1 grade.

Required Athletic Band performances are located under the "Pep Band" page

Livingston Jazz Festival November 16&17 (Ticket sales will go live Tuesday night at 6pm)

Jazz Fest Planning Meeting

Wednesday at 7:30pm at Uncorked

As you might imagine, this festival takes support to facilitate.

Here is my operations framework

*Some of these roles can be filled by students but if the students are participating AND running essential roles in the festival, many double-bookings occur.

*Another need not listed here: Guest Artist Housing. The industry standard is to put artist's up in hotel rooms but that will require booking 16 rooms (close to $2000). Before I move that route, if you have a creative (professional) solution to guest artist housing, please contact me asap.


I must be honest with you... Creating this experience for our kids is proving to be increasingly challenging; emotionally - physically - creatively - spiritually. As the festival draws closer, my level of stress and anxiety grow exponentially. This week has arrived at a point where failure to utilize this program's friends and families will only stifle the impact we should have with this festival.

If you believe in the work being done here - please join in offering up your talents. Those willing to help facilitate, send me an email expressing the area(s) where you may be best utilized.

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration

- Garrett Stannard

Uniform's Dry-Cleaned and Returned

October 31st

The issued uniform (shako, jacket, sash, flag, wristbands, gloves, and gauntlets) will need to be returned in dry-cleaned condition (with plastic bag and receipt attached) on Wednesday October 31

Persnickety Cleaners is located at the intersection of 7th and Park St in Livingston.

On the 31st, It would be very helpful to have 2 additional parents checking in uniforms. If you are available, please shoot me an email.

Jazz Ensemble to All-Northwest, Portland OR

February 14th - 17th

As many of you know, our Jazz Ensemble was invited to perform at the Bi-Annual All Northwest Music Conference in Portland. In the intrest of brevity, this is a TREMENDOUS HONOR! This conference is designed to provide professional development for music educators from Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana.

Families: this is the point at which I would begin saving for this experience. I estimate this trip (Flying, 4 days & 3 nights of hotels, transportation, food, special experiences) should cost around $500 a student - assuming we receive no financial support. My hope is the Jazz Festival will function as a way to inspire a private donor! Regardless, we should still save $125 a month in anticipation of shouldering the full cost.

Booking flights will occur next month which means personnel (participating Jazz Ensemble members and chaperones) must be confirmed/committed.

Parents: I anticipate 2 chaperones (besides myself) will sufficiently supervise this band of 14 musicians. Chaperones will not be selected on a "first come - first serve" basis; objective merit and close council from Park High Administration will guide the decision process. Any chaperones that wish to be considered should email me communicating such.

Students: Check your February obligations now, especially Winter sports. Those with conflicts must have their families notify me immediately so a capable replacement can be trained and begin saving for this experience.

Jazz Rehearsal Schedule

Week of October 22nd

Monday - Jazz Ensemble

Tuesday - Rep Jazz

Wednesday - Jazz Ensemble

Thursday - Rep Jazz & Jazz Ensemble (Sectionals)

Friday - Rep Jazz Week of October 29th

Monday - Jazz Ensemble

Tuesday - Rep Jazz

Wednesday - Jazz Ensemble

Thursday - Rep Jazz

Friday - No School

Upcoming Events


27 - Volleyball Pep Band Performance (Senior Night) 5:00pm Tipoff


16 - Livingston Jazz Festival (see Jazz Fest tab for more info)

17 - Livingston Jazz Festival (see Jazz Fest tab for more info)


7 - Jazz Ensemble opens for MSU Jazz Concert (Noon: depart for MSU, 7:30pm Concert) 17 - Winter Concert - Not confirmed yet, but very likely. (7:00pm - Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Rep Jazz, & Jazz Ensemble)

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