• Mr. Garrett Stannard

September 24th


Monday through Friday

Jeannette, Holly, Tammy, Julie, and Tiffany, THANK YOU TONS for helping decorate our kids' lockers. Recognition is an empowering thoughtful gesture. I know the kids will love it!

Volleyball Athletic Band

Tuesday, September 25th

If you have yet to attend your one volleyball band performance, you only have two more chances! So far attendance has been great and spirit, even better. Let's keep it up!

Call Time: 6:40pm

Dismissal: 8:30 *est.

Student Section Theme - Dress:I would tell you the theme but I forgot to look at the painted butcher paper outside the gym last Thursday.

Homecoming Pep Assembly

Thursday, September 27th

Students will need to bring their black pep band shirts Thursday for the afternoon Pep Assembly Performance. We will perform our parade music as well as the School's Fight Song for school faculty, staff, and student body.

All Band students will be released 10 minutes early from their 7th period classes to change and set up.

Jazz Combo Rehearsals to Start

Thursday, September 27th

For those new to the program, we offer an incredible after-hours jazz combo program. Directed by Bozeman Educator and Guitarist Craig Hall, this project is designed for students who are interested in exploring the jazz language at a greater depth than we are able to accomplish during Zero Hour. Participants do not need to be enrolled in Jazz Band or have Jazz Experience to participate. Last year we had two bands of 5-8 players. One of which had a paid weekly gig lasting several months at Uncorked, right here in Livingston!

If you are interested in participating, please communicate with Mr. Stannard

- We would love to have you!

"Hi guys, time to get organized for this years' intensive jazz studies. Let's presume we'll meet like last year, on Mondays and Thursdays over there in Livingston at the school. (That might become amended slightly as playing opportunities for you guys are appearing on Thursday nights over here in Bozeman, more soon.)

We could have a similar format to last year, except I need to collect tuition on a quarterly basis instead of a monthly basis. Let's start next week, meaning tuition through the end of the year would be $160, due any time before Oct 15, say. Scholarships are a possibility. Scholarship receivers will be expected to practice 25 minutes a day minimum. Others must practice 15 minutes/day minimum. You must respond to this email so I know how many folks to expect. thanks, guys. See you this Thursday night, Sept 27th. at the school, times to be announced.

- Craig Hall

(406) 551-3496 (cell)"


Homecoming Parade and Football Game Performance

September 28th (no school for students this day)

For reasons outside of my control, the parade start time has been changed to 4:00 and kick-off to 6:00. Therefor our original schedule has been pushed back one hour earlier. Those graciously providing dinner will be contacted by Sherri Nohl shortly

3:00 Report to Park High Band Room (In Full Uniform) 3:10 Combined Music and Marching Rehearsal (Student Parking Lot)

3:45 Line up for the start of the parade (City Pool)

"pit musicians" (those who do not physically march during the halftime show), I am struggling to find a logical way to include your music talents into the parade format. Trailers will create too much distance. I will be speaking with you this week to find your roll in the parade.

4:00 Parade Starts (We are 2nd in line behind the flags)

4:15 Parade Finishes in front of Park High

4:20 Change into half uniform for Dinner (no jacket, gloves, shako, or gauntlets)

4:25 Band-Team Dinner in PHS Cafeteria (graciously provided by our Band-Team Parents)

5:10 Football Practice Field for Combined Halftime Show Rehearsal (full uniform) 5:45 In stands For Football Game 5:50 National Anthem/Kick Off

7:15 Halftime Show (est.)

7:45 Treats! (est.)

8:45 Game Over/Pack/Clean (est.)

9:00 HOMECOMING DANCE! (DJ Mr. Stann Mann - holding it down on the 1's & 2's)

Sherri Nohl A huge "Thank You!" for those that have volunteered to provide dinner for our students! These student serve this community quiet a lot and it is wonderful showing our appreciation for their efforts through a hot meal. If you would like to assist, please contact .

Show Ideas - Calling all creative minds

Week of October 1st

There are a lot of "Park and Bark" opportunities in our drill that I would love to fill up with some imaginative movement. If you have an idea for one or more of these sections, please bring your ideas to the table at the beginning of next week. With all of your collective creativity harnessed, we will have an incredible show!

MSU Staff to Join Rehearsal

Wednesday, October 3rd

In preparation for the Showcase of Bands at MSU, the director Spirit of the West Marching Band Dr. Nathan Stark will be joining our rehearsal. Dr. Stark has a fantastic grasp of marching music so he will be offering up his wisdom to make our performance as strong as possible!

MSU Marching Band Showcase

Saturday, October 6th

Saturday's Schedule

12:00 Report to PHS Football Field in half uniform for combined marching rehearsal

12:50 Change into full uniform, pack, and load equipment

1:20 Depart for MSU's Bobcat Stadium

2:00 Arrive, Unload, and Warmup

3:00 Belgrade High School

3:15 Park High School

3:30 Flathead High School

3:45 Bozeman High School

4:15 MSU Spirit of the West Band

4:30 Awards and Recognitions

4:45 Pack all Equipment

5:00 Load Busses to Return

5:40 Arrive and Unload

6:00 Dismissal

*I can already tell we will need some parent support to pull this off. taking pictures, embarrassing your kids, distributing hot chocolate, hand warmers, schlepping pit gear, cheering for your band at the performance! You know, band stuff! :D

MSU Marching Band Showcase Scheduling Conflicts: Volleyball @ Miles City

Girls Soccer @ Laurel 4pm

Boys Soccer @ Laurel 6pm

SAT Test @ Park High Library (7:30am to 1:30pm): Students taking this test should be finished before we leave to MSU.

*If you (the student) are involved in either of these activities, please contact me if you haven't done so. Like we've spoken about, it is hard to perform a marching band show with "holes" and good communication will increase our chance of success.

This is a "Course-Required Performance" but students with school-related absences will be given the chance to make up the performance with an extra "flexable" or "non-required" athletic band performance. There are many variables that come into play when selecting which activities we participate and not participate in. I trust your decision within this conflict is thoughtfully conceived and can be firmly stood behind so I may stand along side your decision. - Stannard

All-Northwest Band, Wind Symphony, & Jazz Auditions

Due October 1st

Individual student auditions for the All-Northwest Band Festival are due to garrett.stannard@livingston,k12,mt,us

by October 1st.

Auditions materials can be found here:

At Park High by far, your best opportunity to be accepted into the biennial All-Northwest Conference is through auditioning for the "All-NW HS Wind Symphony". This ensemble is exclusively made up of students from schools with a population of 500 or fewer. Past students, Cameron Reichert (Spokane '15, Seattle '17), Hailey Hallstead (Seattle '17) Christian Garcia (Spokane '15), and Lexi Klawitter (Spokane '15) have participated. Go for it! "You miss all the shots you don't take."

Jazz Rehearsal Schedule

Week of September 24th

Monday - Jazz Ensemble

Tuesday - Jazz Ensemble

Wednesday - Rep Jazz

Thursday - Rep Jazz

Friday - No Rehearsal (PD Day -No School for Students)

Week of October 1st

Monday - Jazz Ensemble

Tuesday - Rep Jazz

Wednesday - Jazz Ensemble

Thursday - Rep Jazz & Jazz Ensemble

Friday - Rep Jazz

NOTE: Yes, the week of October 1st is correct. I would like to flip Tuesday and Wednesday's rehearsal moving forward.

- This allows for a more realistic amount of time for students to prepare for rehearsal.

- Student will not have two or three early mornings in a row.

- There will be less time between instruction, therefore increasing retention.

Of course, if this causes a problem in your house hold, please let me know!

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