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Summer Newsletter

Imagine Dragons Fundraiser July 24th-27th

- Those who've contacted me to participate will be contacted by event staff, shortly.

Rob Tapper, UM Summer Jazz Camp

July 25-27

Continuing our partnership with The University of Montana, we're offering the 5th annual Livingston UM Jazz Camp with director of Jazz and Low Brass studies, Rob Tapper.

I'm not bluffing when I say this an incredible opportunity for students looking to deepen their study of the jazz language! As a former student of Rob's I can assure you his approach is logical, sequential, fast paced, and SUPER FUN! Guaranteed, you won't find a better camp around here. We are lite on numbers and I would hate to see this camp go away. Contact ASAP if you are interested!

Middle School Camp Registration

High School Camp Registration

Summer Band Camp August 6th, 7th, & 8th

Band Camp will look a little different this summer - camp will not be overnight and only consist of 2 blocks - Focusing on re-developing the chops that are more-often-than-not lost over the summer break, learning/refreshing some of our athletic band charts, and start work on the fall show. As always camp will be laid back and fun. I hope to see you there.

August 6th - Percussion // 10:00am - 1:00pm

August 7th - Incoming Freshman and New Students (no percussion) // 9:00am - 12:00pm

- Everyone // 1:00pm - 4:00pm

August 8th - Incoming Freshman and New Students (no percussion) // 9:00am - 12:00pm

- Everyone // 1:00pm - 4:00pm

What to bring:

Instrument (or the $75 yearly rental fee/percussionist fee)

Athletic Shoes/Attire


Water bottle Lunch will be on your own

2018/19 Course Materials

Course Text: Habit of a Successful Musician: - All other music will be provided.

Students enrolled in the Park High Band Program must have a properly functioning instrument and the appropriate cleaning supplies. "Properly functioning" implies that everything on the instrument that is suppose to seal and slide does. Students still playing on their "beginning band" instrument should seriously considering stepping up their horn as they increase their study of music.

Percussionists will be charged a $75 stick, mallet, and drum head feeInstrument Rental from Park High will be $75 for the year or $35 for the semeste

Greetings from the Board of the Bozeman Municipal Band!

Mid June - Mid August

Here is a great opportunity for our upper level musicians looking to keep their "chops" up over the summer!

"Our 2018 Summer Concert season is fast approaching.

The band is always recruiting qualified upper level musicians. We are asking for your help in referring students who you believe would be successful members of the municipal band. These students should be not only good musicians but also excellent sight-readers since most selections are practiced only one time before they are performed. They should also be able to adapt easily to varying conducting styles as directors change on a weekly basis. Musicians may play as many concerts as they wish, the only stipulation being that he or she attend the rehearsal the preceding evening.

If you have students in your band(s) who meet these qualifications, we would appreciate it if you would pass on this information to them and ask that they contact us at Please ask that they include name, email address and instrument so that the appropriate section leader may contact them with more details.

Graduating seniors are eligible to receive a stipend for their involvement in the band.

For high school students, we offer Community Service hours.

A poster is attached that you can print and put up on your boards.

Thank you for your assistance!


Karla Visser, Presiden"

Section Leaders Applications

Applications for Section Leaders and Drum Major will be made available at the start of school.

Jazz Auditions // August 30th and 31st

Audition materials will be made available August 8th

August 30 // Rhythm Section 7:20am

August 31 // Brass and Saxophones 7:20am

Livingston Jazz Festival

Update - As of this Monday we were awarded our $5,000 grant from the Montana Council of the Arts! All systems go!

All-Northwest, 2019 // Portland, Oregon

February 14th-19th

Audition materials for the 2018 All-Northwest Band Conference

Wind Symphony: HERE

Jazz Ensemble: HERE

Audition recordings (mp3 format) must be submitted to Mr. Stannard no later than October 1st.

Upcoming Events


6 // Band Camp 9-12 & 1-4 7 // Band Camp 9-12 & 1-4

27 // Freshman First Day 28 // Everyone's Back

30 // Jazz Auditions - Rhythm Section 7:20am

31 // Jazz Auditions - Brass and Saxophones 7:20am


3 // No School, Holiday

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