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May 14th, Week of

Chamber of Commerce Parade

July 2nd, 3pm

Supporting one of Livingston's biggest event's we are putting together a little "Livingston Jazz Fest" float! This will certianly help get the word out about the awesome work we're doing here at Park High. Any students that would like to join are encouraged to join. We will have one small 1-2 hour rehearsal a few day's prior to the big gig! Contact me at if you would like to participate!

Parent's: Does anyone have access to a flatbed trailer/flatbed truck, and a small generator (to run two amps)? The platform should be at least 5'x10' to fit the kids. We can use my truck to pull the trailer! Contact me at if you can help.

All-State, 2018 // Missoula, Montana

October 17th-19th

Audition requirements for the 2018 All-State Band can be found: HERE

(Here is a link to the actual pdf's of the music. Winds & Percussion)

Audition recordings (mp3's) are due to Mr. Stannard no later than June10th - w/ $10.00

Fore more detailed information on auditioning and recordings, head to page 18 through 21 of the MHSA Band Handbook

All-Northwest, 2019 // Portland, Oregon

February 14th-19th

Audition materials for the 2018 All-Northwest Band will not be released until May 1st

Materials and can be found: HERE

Audition redordings will be due to Mr. Stannard no later than October 1st.

Jazz Rehearsal Schedule

May 14th, Week of

Monday - Jazz Ensemble

Tuesday - Jazz Ensemble

Wednesday - Rep Jazz

Thursday - Rep Jazz

Friday - No Rehearsal // Green Ranger Friday

May 21st

Monday - Jazz Ensemble

Tuesday - Rep Jazz

Wednesday - Jazz Ensemble & Rep Jazz - Concert Day!

Thursday - No Rehearsal

Friday - No Rehearsal // Purple Ranger Friday

May 28th

Monday - No School

Tuesday - Jazz Ensemble & Rep Jazz (run Farmers Market Material)

Wednesday - Jazz Ensemble & Rep Jazz (run Farmers Market Material)

Thursday - No Rehearsal's until Fall 2018!

Upcoming Events

May 23 // Senior Night and Awards Concert, 7pm (All Bands) 30 // Farmers Market (Jazz Ensemble, Rep Jazz, After Hour Combos) June 3 // PHS Graduation, 2-4pm (Both Bands)

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