• Mr. Garrett Stannard

April 9th, Week of

District Music Festival Solos and Small and Large Ensembles

April 13th and 14th

Large Ensemble Performance Times

Wind Ensemble: April 13th // 9:30am // Bozeman South Gym Concert Band: April 13th // 10:15am // Bozeman South Gym

April 13th Schedule

8:10am - Depart Park High School 8:45 - Arrive at Bozeman High School

8:50 - Wind Ensemble Warm Up 9:30 - Wind Ensemble Performance / Concert Band Warm-Up 10:15 - Concert Band Performance 11:10 - Pack Up/Depart for Livingston 11:45 - Arrive at Park / Debrief / Dismissed to 2nd Lunch

April 14th Schedule

6:45am - Bus Depart Park High School (students performing in Blocks 1-4 will be on this bus) 7:30 - Arrive at Bozeman High School

8:00 - Block #1 Performances 9:10 - Block #2 10:20 -Block #3 11:30 - Block #4

12:00 - Bus Depart from Park High School to Bozeman (students performing in only block 5-8 will load here)

12:45 - Bus Arrive at Bozeman High School

12:45 - Bus Depart from Bozeman to Park High. 1:15 - Block #5

1:30 - Bus Arrive

2:20 - Block #6

3:35 - Block #7

4:40 - Bus Departs Bozeman to Park High.


Family and Friends are STRONGLY encouraged to attend their performances. Performance times will be released the week prior to the festival date.

Both large ensembles (Wind Ensemble and Concert Band) will perform at Bozeman High on Friday, April 13th. Again, friends and family are encouraged to attend and support our hard work.

April 14th Solos and Ensembles

Flute Solo, Sonatine - Jaromir Weinberger // Alexis Tinsley // 10:20AM

Flute Solo, Air and Dance -Corelli // Adam Lewis // 10:20AM Flute and Clarinet Duet, Duo No. 6, Op. 19 - Carl Stamitz // Bray Holmes. Alexis Tinsley // 8:00AM Flute and Clarinet Duet ,Duo No. 1 - Ludwig van Beethoven // Olaia Connelly , Raini Ryan // 8:00AM Clarient Solo, The Lonley Birch Tree - Clarence Hurell // Bray Holmes // 10:30AM Bass Clarinet Solo, Sonata No. 6 - Antonio Vivaldi // Quinn Sandlin // 11:30AM Bassoon Duet, Knight Rupert - Bob Schumann // Sonia Bornemann, Zoe Glenn // 10:20AM Saxophone Duet, Tenor Two Selectons from Blues for Two - Clause Henry Koch // Sula Duncan, TJ Weimer // 2:20PM Saxophone Quartet, Irish Suite -Elliot Del Borgio // Shane Gibson, Hannah Harshbarger, Zach Ibes, Alyssa Lembcke, Eli Stevens // 2:20PM Saxophone Solo, Alto Partita in E Minor - Johann Sebastian Bach // Eli Stevens 1:15AM Trumpet Solo, Intermezzo - Rafael Mendez // Cole Nashan // 9:10AM Trumpet Solo, Dark Eyes (Black Eyes) - Rafael Mendez // Gabriel Nohl // 9:10AM Trumpet Quartet ,Conversations - Don Schaeffer // Ben Morgan, Buddy Murphy, Nick Townes, Jaia Wagman // 10:30AM Trombone Solo, Gavotte in G Minor - Johann Sebastian Bach // Conor Pierson // 8:00AM Trombone Solo, Midnight Serenade - Edgar Zobel // Eva Molina // 8:00AM

Brass Ensemble - Spencer Karley, Tyler Laverty, Nick Lockit, River Nicholes, // TBD Percussion Ensemble, Ave Maria - JS Bach, Arr. David Steinquest // Ethan Bristol, Lilly Eaton, Kaleb Irish, Kenyon Jones, Ellie Printz, Zach Roberts, Quinn Robnett // 8:00AM Percussion Trio, Crab Cannon - Lewis Songer / Declan Goff, Finn Sexton, Orrin Tyner // 10:20AM

Best of Luck to All Festival Participants!

University of Northern Colorado Jazz Festival

April 19th-22nd

Reminder: The remaining $100 balance ($200 total) was due April 2nd - If you find yourself in a financial bind, let me know ASAP and we can work someone out.

Chaperones - Thank you for your urgency and willingness to help!! I was excited by the volume of responses. We have some fantastic parents! If you contacted me, my apologies I haven't responded. All confirmed chaperones have been contacted. Thank You!

Updated Schedule w/ Performance Times

Attention Jazz Students:

Planning your time at the Festival: You can create a personal schedule of workshops and performances you want to attend! With their scheduling app, you can view your personal schedule, browse what's happening right now, or search for what you want.

Mobile App: The mobile web app stores the schedule data locally on your phone for offline access too. Click here for access:

Jazz Rehearsal Schedule

Week of April 9th

Monday - Jazz Ensemble

Tuesday - Jazz Ensemble

Wednesday - Jazz Ensemble (Sound Color Recording Session 5:30pm)

Thursday - Rep Jazz

Friday - Rep Jazz

Week of April 16th

Monday - Jazz Ensemble

Tuesday - Jazz Ensemble

Wednesday -Rep Jazz

Thursday - Rep Jazz (Depart for UNC Jazz Festival)

Friday - No Rehearsal - UNC Jazz Fest, Academic Help Session (Gold Friday)

Upcoming Events

April 11 // Sound Color Recording Session - Jazz Ensemble (5:30-8:30pm) 13 // District Music Festival, Bozeman High (Concert Band & Wind Ensemble) 14 // District Music Festival, Bozeman High (Solo and Small Ensembles)

19 - 22 // University of Northern Colorado Jazz Festival

May 23 // Senior Night and Awards Concert, 7pm (All Bands) 30 // Farmers Market (Jazz Ensemble, Rep Jazz, After Hour Combos) June 3 // PHS Graduation, 2-4pm (Both Bands)