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February 5th, Week Of

Basketball Divisionals Februrary 22nd - 24th

Parents: Chaperone Needed!

Have you been dying for the opportunity to hang with Park High's best and brightest? Boy, do I have just the thing for you! We are going to Billings for the Divisionals Basketball Tournament and we need a couple chaperones. This is an overnight trip but the duties are very light. From intense nail-biting buzzer beaters to goofing around Billings, this is the highlight of many students' year.

After this week's regular season concludes I will work with Regina Wood (Activities Director) to put together a rooming list, departure time and possible playoff scenario. The tournament bracket is a double elimination style bracket so it's impossible to tell you EXACTLY when we will play or be back to Livingston. If we make it to the final game (which is a strong possibility this year) we would leave Billings late evening on Saturday) Aspiring chaperones should free up their schedules from the afternoon of the 22nd to the evening of the 24th.

Contact me ASAP for more information-

Students: Selection Process

It's that time of year! Many of you know the drill...

After counting everyones points up I will select who will be attending. At that time students can sign up for their hotel rooms (4 per room) in order of seniority. In I believe we will be staying at the same hotel as last year The Radisson (5500 Midland Rd, Billings, MT 59101). Breakfast is provided but you will need to bring money for lunch and dinner. This year we may go to the trampoline park ($18 for 2 hours) or Steep World Climbing Gym ($20 for the whole day, climbing gear included).

Ok, who get's to go... Last year I introduced this selection process and it worked great. The size and instrumentation of the band will be set by the number of seats on the bus and hotel room availability (roughly 40 students). In the event, there are more students than spots, students will be chosen based on the following system:

- 1 point, Freshman - 2 points, Sophomore - 3 points, Junior - 4 points, Senior - 1 point, for every game attended

*In the event of a tie, GPA will be the deciding factor. *Students qualifying for the Gold Ranger Friday (23rd) will not be permitted to attend.

University of Montana Concert Band Festival

Februrary 26th

For the first time, we will be attending the 36 Annual UM Concert Band Festival. Both Concert Band and Wind Ensemble will attend.

We will have a 30-minute performance block in the 1,100 seat Dennison Theatre. The UM Faculty clinicians will provide written comments on our performance. After our performance, we will have a 30-minute clinic block with guest clinicians. During the afternoon, there is a 60-minute clinic from guest artist as well as a 45-minute performance by UM Symphonic Wind Ensemble featuring the guest artist in the Dennison Theatre.

This trip is a required part of the course curriculum. Academic eligibility is not required to attend. Out of respect to yourselves and your teachers it is strongly encouraged that students attending the Divisional Tournament to have their proverbial ducks in a row before leaving.

Depart Park High at 6:30am

Wind Ensemble performs at 11:00am Chris Creviston Master Class 12:15pm UM Concert - Chris Creviston, soloint 1:00 PM

Concert Band performs at 2:30pm

Arrive at Park at 7:30pm

University of Norther Colorado Jazz Festival

This April, the jazz bands and combos are taking a trip to the University of Northern Colorado's Jazz Festival. A hotbed for world-class jazz education and several students are strongly considering UNC in their post-high school plans. To aid in this decision and take advantage of such a great festival we have decided to embark on the 9 hour journey the the thriving metropolis of Greeley Colorado.

The following arrival/departure schedule is a ROUGH DRAFT! should any major changes occur, you will be notified as soon as possible.

After some projections, I anticipate this trip costing just shy of $200 per student. The following pay schedule has been constructed.

March 5th - $100 deposit

(Non refundable after March 19th, as that is the last day we can pull out of the festival)

April 2nd - $100 deposit

Final Thoughts

*Friday April 20th is an academic support day so students with sufficient grades will not miss instruction Friday.

*Jazz students who are planning on participating in Spring sports should begin a dialogue with their coaches and families to ensure conflicts are resolved WELL in advance.

Jazz Rehearsal Schedule

Week of February 5th

Monday - Jazz Ensemble

Tuesday - Jazz Ensemble

Wednesday - Rep Jazz

Thursday - Rep Jazz

Friday - No Rehearsal, Gold Ranger Friday

Week of February 12th

Monday - Jazz Ensemble

Tuesday - Jazz Ensemble

Wednesday - Rep Jazz

Thursday - Rep Jazz

Friday - Rep Jazz & Jazz Ensemble (yes, Friday. Let's try it for one week, if it doesn't work, we can can it the next time we have a 5-day week)

Upcoming Events


2 // Pep Band - Basketball (5:45pm Call Time, 8:45 est. dismissal)

3 // Pep Band - Basketball (3:45pm Call Time, 5:30 est. dismissal)

17 // Pep Band - Basketball (4:45pm Call Time, 7:45 est. dismissal)

22-24 // Basketball Divisionals Tournament, Billings (Pep Band, All Day)

26 // UM Concert Band Festival, Missoula (Wind Ensemble and Concert Band, All Day)


15 & 16 // UM Jazz Festival (Jazz Ensemble and Rep Jazz) Canceled.

21 // Spring Band Concert, 7pm (All Band)

April 13 // District Music Festival, Bozeman High (Concert Band & Wind Ensemble) 14 // District Music Festival, Bozeman High (Solo and Small Ensembles)

19 - 22 // University of Norther Colorado Jazz Festival (recently added)

May 23 // Senior Night and Awards Concert, 7pm (All Band) 29 // Farmers Market (Jazz Ensemble and Rep Jazz) June 3 // PHS Graduation, 2-4pm (Both Bands)

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