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November 13th, Week of

Jazz Festival Re-Cap

Wow! I apologize for the infrequent communication the past two weeks. I've returned back from sprinting to just running now! With over 500 people participating, I would say the Livingston Jazz Festival was a giant success. Next year I’m going to fix many things but I wouldn’t have changed anything this year. These students stepped up today and acted like true professionals. The jazz band has clearly reached its highest level of execution since I started at Park.

I'm still collecting the last of the invoices but it looks like we were able to raise several thousand dollars for the band program! Thank you, everyone who lended a hand to make it such a success for the kids in attendance. Pictures and the like we be released soon!

If you have any suggestions for next year's (yes, after all that - I want to do it again) festival, please do not hesitate to shoot me an email.

Landscape Folders

I'm finding that the normal "marching pep band" flip folders aren't working well. They are frustrating to format music for, hard to read, and therefore lower the level of execution (correct notes played) during performances. Students will look up for cutoffs and loose their place or simply not look up at all for fear of getting lost. They're passable to use if they're attached to your instrument but we don't have all the accessories for that. When I was at Eastern Washington University, we switched to using landscape folders; seen here - They work great but they are costly, and these are the least expensive landscape folders I have found.

For 35 folders (the minimum we would need to create 1-2 books for every instrument in the score) and sheet protectors for the songs, it would be over $600. Does anyone have a cheeper solution?

Marching Uniforms

I spoke with with Kelly Burdahl, Director of Band's at Bozeman High School. With over 15 years of experience teaching marching band (and the same uniform brand as us) he referred me to Doug at Persnickety Cleaners. Doug said he would give us 15% off the uniform cleaning fee which amounts to $14. Only the pants and coat need dry cleaning. I assume the sash is clean and doesn't need attention. Gloves (wind players) and Wristbands (drum line) can be washed at home. Persnickety Cleaners is located at the intersection of 7th and Park St in Livingston.

Since I do not plan on using the uniforms for the remainder of the year I believe we should collect them now. Please have the uniforms returned before Christmas Break (December 20th) so I can spend a day getting them organized. Scholarships are available, please contact for more information.

*For more clarification, please refer to page 15 of the Band Handbook - Marching Band Uniform Contract "3. All uniform items will be returned to the school in good, dry-cleaned (with bag and tag) condition at the end of the student’s participation in the music group. Repair or replacement of a damaged or lost item will be the financial responsibility of the students and/or parent."

Jazz Rehearsal Schedule

Week of November 13th

Monday - Jazz Ensemble

Tuesday - Jazz Ensemble

Wednesday - Rep Jazz

Thursday - Rep Jazz

Friday - No School

Week of November 20th

Monday - Jazz Ensemble

Tuesday - Rep Jazz

Wednesday - No School

Thursday - No School

Friday - No School

Upcoming Events


- 1 Holiday Stroll, Senior Center 5:30pm - 6:15pm

- 2 Pep Band - Basketball

- 18 Winter Band Concert, 7pm (All Band)

- 19 Pep Band - Basketball

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