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Week of October 16th

Jazz Festival Tickets

The Livingston Jazz Festival is fast approaching and tickets are still available for the night concert at the Depot. The Park High Jazz Ensemble will open the concert followed by an evening of music by our guest artists. November 3rd, 7pm


Recap MSU Band Day

- Photos Courtesy of Melanie Nashan

Saturday was a huge success to say the least. As part of MSU's inaugural Marching Band Exhibition we watched two performances by the Spirit of the West Marching Band, a performance from Bozeman High School, and participated in a master class with MSU professors and student leaders.

Our performance went very well and, as you will hear in our video link below, the audience was engaged; responding at all the intended points! With bands included there were 500+ attendees - all there to watch the bands! After the performances, I had a chance to talk with Belgrade HS's Director of Bands Marty Hansen who brought around 30 kids to watch the performances and participate in the master class. He told me his students were jealous that Park High had a marching band but they didn't and vowed to start one the following year!

Following the day's events, I met with the other band directors, MSU staff, and adjudicators to discuss how our marching shows went and things we could all do to elevate the event and performance levels for the following year; a very positive experience.

After reflecting, I believe the most important part of Saturday's experience was not the culmination of our hard work, our performance, participating in master classes, or even watching Bozeman & MSU perform at such a high level. The most important part was having our kids sip on hot chocolate and cider with Bozeman High's band after our performances. Both school we're all smiles and complementary of one another. Laughing and discussion what they likes. There was no "A" vs "AA" programs. It was a celebration of all our hard work. Bozeman High's director pulled me aside to say that for his students to see another band in uniform, performing, in Montana, was just as important as their performance and critique. "These kids need to know we're all in this together. There is no, us vs. them. We are all working hard to be musicians and create a show we are proud of. We are not alone." Kelly Burdahl.

I love this activity for one simple fact... no one sits on the bench. Everyone is held to the same standard and everyone is vital to a successful performance. You cannot tell senior from freshman on the field. There is no JV where the stakes are low and varsity where everything is on the line. Everyone is on varsity. If they have made it to high school band, they are on varsity and we celebrate their musical and athletic intelligence by pushing to create something so much greater than the sum of its parts. For many students, and many of you, this will be the only "team" they will be a part of in their high school experience. Their participation, geared towards self improvement, is pivotal in their academic and emotional development so they may become a productive member of our community.

Thank you for allowing your children to participate in something truly beautiful.

If you missed our performance, here is a link from the press box video. You will have one more shot to catch our show this Friday around 8pm for the half time of the football game.​

We have over 130 photos from this weekend's performance. If you would like access to these photos, please contact Melanie Nashan at

Service Hours

There are a few parents of music students that participate on the Principal's Advisory Council (thank you for your service). During a meeting last month, a parent suggested that band students be rewarded for their service in athletic band performances citing that their participation is a service to the PHS community. Since that conversation, we are implementing a pilot program to receive service hours for those who go above and beyond their participation requirements.

Students will now only need to attend any 4 of the 10 home basketball games to fulfill their performance grade. If a student decides to attend 5 or more games they will receive service hours rounded to the nearest 15 minutes effective this basketball season. Given a game is about a 3 hour commitment, a student could fulfill their 40 hour service requirement with just 2 years of participation in basketball athletic bands!

All marching band performances will remain required but volleyball performances may not be required, rather service hours awarded to participants. That decision will be made at the end of the basketball season pilot program.

This new system will allow more flexibility in student and family scheduling while rewarding those who go above and beyond the call of duty.

Jazz Rehearsal Schedule

Week of October 16th

Monday - Jazz Ensemble

Tuesday - Rep Jazz

Wednesday - Rep Jazz

Thursday - No School

Friday - No School

Week of October 23rd

Monday - Jazz Ensemble

Tuesday - Jazz Ensemble

Wednesday - Rep Jazz

Thursday - Rep Jazz

Friday - Rep Jazz and Jazz Ensemble

Upcoming Events


- 20 Marching Band - Football & Volleyball (All Band) 4:45 - 9:45pm


- 3 Livingston Jazz Festival (Jazz Ensemble and Rep Jazz) All Day

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