• Mr. Garrett Stannard

Week of May 1st

District Music Fest Recap

A few “firsts” first...

Since I started working here in the fall of 2013, we received our first Large Ensemble Superior rating (34/35) for Wind Ensemble (from both judges no less), the highest award possible. No only in our performance but also in the sight reading component. Another first; I decided to bring Concert Band for the first time to district music festival (31/35). They too received a Superior rating in both their performance and sight reading!

To say the least, I am extremely proud of the level of musicianship and professionalism our students are exhibiting. I selected very challenging literature and the students stepped up to meet me there. As a whole, I truly believe every facet of this band program is growing at a rate that I am fighting to keep up with - which is a wonderful problem to have.

I would like to thank those of you that truly believe in the work we do here and consistently push our wonderful children to be the best version of themselves possible!

Large Ensemble Recap -

Wind Ensemble Performance: Superior - 1

Wind Ensemble Sight Reading: Superior - 1

Concert Band Performance: Superior - 1

Concert Band Sight Reading: Superior - 1

Small Ensemble Recap -

Wind Ensemble Percussion Ensemble: Superior - 1

Wind Ensemble Low Brass Trio: Superior - 1

Wind Ensemble Trumpet Quartet: Excellent - 2

Wind Ensemble Flute Sextet: Excellent - 2

Concert Band Percussion Ensemble: Superior - 1

Concert Band Trombone Duet: Superior - 1

Concert Band Saxophone Duet: Excellent - 2

LIV Jazz Fest Update

Festival details and online applications have been sent out to all high school and middle school band directors across the state. While in Helena last weekend, I had several conversations with area directors and they are very excited. Now that we (Montana Band Directors) are finished with the pressures of District Music Festival, we are planning for next year!

Monday I submitted a grant request for $5,000 dollars to the Montana Arts Council for their "Artists in Schools and Communities" project. Monica Grable, the Arts Education Director for Montana Arts Council had a chance to meet together last week and discuss how to package my grant proposal. She is extremely excited and thinks we have a great shot! I will have a clear framework of staffing needs for the next parent meeting May 8th (6:30pm Band Room).

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0 Hour Jazz Rehearsal Schedule

Week of May 1st

Mon: Jazz Ensemble Tue: Jazz Ensemble Wed: Rep Jazz Thur: Rep Jazz & Jazz Ensemble Fri: Rep Jazz

Week of May 8th

Mon: Jazz Ensemble Tue: Jazz Ensemble Wed: Rep Jazz Thur: Rep Jazz & Jazz Ensemble Fri: Rep Jazz

Upcoming Events

May - 8th Parent Meeting 6:30pm - Band Room

- 24th Final Band Concert & Senior Night, 7pm

- 31st Jazz Department at Farmers Market, 5:30pm


- 4th Graduation, 2pm


- 2nd Alumni and Community Marching Band 12-3:30pm August

- 7th - 9th Summer Band Camp, Overnight