• Mr. Garrett Stannard

Week of February 6th

Chaperone Opportunity

Have you been dying for the opportunity to hang with Park High's best and brightest musicians? Boy, do I have just the thing for you! We are going to Billings for the Divisional's Basketball Tournament and we need a couple chaperones. Now the tournament bracket has not been set yet and it is a double elimination style bracket so it's impossible to tell you EXACTLY when we will play. Aspiring chaperones should free up their schedules from the afternoon of the 23rd to the evening of the 25th. Yes, we will be staying overnight.

Contact me ASAP for more information-

New Curriculum

In the very near future we will be purchasing a new method book for the Wind Ensemble and Concert Band. I came across this text while I was at the Midwest Band Clinic in Chicago and it is fantastic! I am excited for the assessment opportunities this text will bring. Habits of a Successful Musician will allow students to track their progress throughout their study of music at Park High as well as heighten the level of musicality across the program!


0 Hour Jazz Rehearsal Schedule

Week of February 6th

Mon: Jazz Ensemble Tue: Jazz Ensemble Wed: Rep Jazz Thur: Jazz Ensemble & Rep Jazz Fri: Rep Jazz

Week of February 13th

Mon: Jazz Ensemble Tue: Jazz Ensemble Wed: Rep Jazz Thur: Rep Jazz Fri: No School

Upcoming Events


- 4th Pep Band, 3:45 Call Time, Butte Central

o Estimated Dismissal: 5:40pm - 10th Pep Band, 4:40 Call Time (conference double header, Browning) o Estimated Dismissal: 8:00pm - 13th & 14th Chamber Choir Fundraising Concert - 17th – 19th All Northwest, Seattle Washington - 18th Pep Band, 4:40 Call Time (conference double header, Fergus) o Estimated Dismissal: 8:00pm - 23rd – 25th Basketball Divisionals, Billings MT – Metra Park o Times TBA based on regular season seeding


- March 13th-17th Spring Break

- March 30th Spring Concert, Rec Plex 7pm