• Mr. Garrett Stannard

Week of January 30th

A Fresh Semester, A Fresh Start

I love the start of a new semester - a clean slate; 100%. Let's hit it hard!

We are working on some fantastic new music in all the bands. Let me tell you, the level of collective musicianship is the highest it has been since I started here in 2013. Just to stay a step ahead of these kids, I have had to greatly increase my score study outside of class! What a fantastic feeling! Onward, and upward!

Where Athletic and Activities Meet

Last week I met with the head coaches of the Men's and Women's basketball team to find creative ways to strengthen the experience of a varsity game at Park High and to bridge the gap between the basketball program and the band program. Among many great ideas, Layne Glaus, Scott Coleman, and myself agreed that it would be fun to have each starting varsity player acknowledge the band during the introduction of the starting lineups! Also, we extended an invitation to both varsity teams to sit in the front row for our Spring Concert March 30th!

David Maslanka at MSU

Unfortunately, the clinic was canceled. The evening concert is still a great experience for those not attending pep band!

0 Hour Jazz Rehearsal Schedule (Next 2 Weeks)

Week of January 30th - February 6th

Mon: Jazz Ensemble Tue: Jazz Ensemble Wed: Rep Jazz Thur: Jazz Ensemble & Rep Jazz Fri: Rep Jazz

Upcoming Events

January - 27th Pep Band, 5:15 Call Time (non-conference double header, Townsend) o Estimated Dismissal: 8:40pm - 28th Pep Band, 3:40 Call Time (non-conference double header, Dillon) o Estimated Dismissal 6:40pm February

- 4th Pep Band, 3:45 Call Time, Butte Central

o Estimated Dismissal: 5:40pm - 10th Pep Band, 4:40 Call Time (conference double header, Browning) o Estimated Dismissal: 7:40pm - 13th & 14th Chamber Choir Fundraising Concert - 17th – 19th All Northwest, Seattle Washington - 18th Pep Band, 4:40 Call Time (conference double header, Fergus) o Estimated Dismissal: 8:00pm - 23rd – 25th Basketball Divisionals, Billings MT – Metra Park o Times TBA based on regular season seeding


- March 13th-17th Spring Break

- March 30th Spring Concert, Rec Plex 7pm