• Mr. Garrett Stannard

Week of January 23rd

Congradulations Students on Surviving Finals Week!

Looking back on this past semester, we have created so many fantastic experiences! Revamping the marching band to include a halftime show, traveling to Spokane for the EWU Jazz Festival, receiving the marching band uniforms, hosting the first ever jazz festival with Victor Goines, and countless other performances just to name a few! I am excited to see what we can accomplish in the next semester!

Wind Ensemble Dresses

The dresses have arrived! Ladies in Wind Ensemble will need to be fitted and their dresses hemmed before they will be sent home. This will take place in class next week. *he cost for this dress is $63. Checks can be made out to Park High School.

David Maslanka at MSU

I wanted to be sure to let everyone know about a special event that is being hosting at MSU.

It has been over 20 years since MSU has had David Maslanka on campus here in Bozeman. On January 28th MSU will be performing a concert Maslanka’s music in the Wilson Auditorium (We cannot attend the concert as we have Pep Band. but......). MSU will be hosting a clinic on “On This Bright Morning” lead by David Maslanka. We just purchased this piece for Wind Ensemble and it would be fantastic to take some students their to learn from the composer himself!

- 28th David Maslanka Band Clinic @ MSU 1:00 – 2:30 o Attendance is not mandatory but strongly encouraged.

Pep Band Make Up Assignments

For students who are unable to attend 6 of the 8 pep band games the following alternate assignments are offered...

Art Experience & Response (Good for one missed game)

Attend a professional art performance/experience. Submit an artifact from the experience (ticket, program, etc.) and write a 500 word reflection. Paper will be typed in MLA format and submitted to Acceptable Performances: Bozeman Symphony/Opera/Ballet, Shane Center/Blue Slipper Play, touring an art gallery, etc. For questions on acceptable performances email instructor.

Practicing after school for 2 hours (Good for one missed game)

Schedule a time to work with Mr. Stannard after school.

*Those that wish to be considered for participation at Basketball Divisional's must have these assignments submitted by 11:59pm, February 17th. *To ensure no loss in credit, assignments must be submitted by 11:59pm February 22nd

0 Hour Jazz Rehearsal Schedule (Next 3 Weeks)

Week of January 23rd - January 30th - February 6th

Mon: Jazz Ensemble Tue: Jazz Ensemble Wed: Rep Jazz Thur: Jazz Ensemble & Rep Jazz Fri: Rep Jazz

Upcoming Events

January - 27th Pep Band, 5:15 Call Time (non-conference double header, Townsend) o Estimated Dismissal: 8:40pm - 28th David Maslanka Band Clinic @ MSU 1:00 – 2:30 o Attendance is not mandatory but strongly encouraged. - 28th Pep Band, 3:40 Call Time (non-conference double header, Dillon) o Estimated Dismissal 6:40pm February

- 4th Pep Band, 3:45 Call Time, Butte Central

o Estimated Dismissal: 5:40pm - 10th Pep Band, 4:40 Call Time (conference double header, Browning) o Estimated Dismissal: 7:40pm - 13th & 14th Chamber Choir Fundraising Concert - 17th – 19th All Northwest, Seattle Washington - 18th Pep Band, 4:40 Call Time (conference double header, Fergus) o Estimated Dismissal: 8:00pm - 23rd – 25th Basketball Divisionals, Billings MT – Metra Park o Times TBA based on regular season seeding