• Mr. Garrett Stannard

Basketball Pep Band Info

2017 Basketball Pep Band

Pep Band Season is upon us once again! As per the course requirement and to receive full credit, students must attend 6 of the 8 scheduled basketball games. Those that wish to attend the Divisional Basketball Tournament should be aware of the following criteria…. The size and instrumentation of the band will be set by the number of seats on the bus and hotel room availability (roughly 40 students). Students must be academically eligible. In the event, there are more students than spots, students will be chosen based on the following system:

1 point, Freshman 2 points, Sophomore 3 points, Junior 4 points, Senior 1 point, for every game attended *In the event of a tie, GPA will be the deciding factor.

Upcoming Events


- 6th Pep Band, 5:40 Call Time (conference double header, Belgrade)

o Estimated Dismissal: 8:40pm

- 7th Pep Band, 3:15 Call Time, Butte Central

o Estimated Dismissal: 5:30pm

- 14th Pep Band, 4:40 Call Time (non-conference double header, Big Timber)

o Estimated Dismissal: 7:40pm

- 27th Pep Band, 5:15 Call Time (non-conference double header, Townsend)

o Estimated Dismissal: 8:40pm

- 28th David Maslanka Band Clinic @ MSU 1:00 – 2:30

o Attendance is not mandatory but strongly encouraged.

- 28th Pep Band, 3:40 Call Time (non-conference double header, Dillon)

o Estimated Dismissal 6:40pm


- 4th Pep Band, 3:45 Call Time, Butte Central

o Estimated Dismissal: 5:40pm

- 10th Pep Band, 4:40 Call Time (conference double header, Browning)

o Estimated Dismissal: 7:40pm

- 13th & 14th Chamber Choir Fundraising Concert - 17th – 19th All Northwest, Seattle Washington - 18th Pep Band, 4:40 Call Time (conference double header, Fergus)

o Estimated Dismissal: 8:00pm

- 23rd – 25th Basketball Divisionals, Billings MT – Metra Park

o Times TBA based on regular season seeding