• Mr. Garrett Stannard

Week of October 24th

Upcoming Events

October 26th: Marching Awards Concert ​CANCELED

October 29th: Volleyball Game - 6:20pm Call Time.

We officially finished our marching season last night! I am extremely satisfied with how far we have come in this endeavor. For the past 3 years we have had the Marching Band Directors from MSU work with us. After our rehearsal last Monday they made the comment that if we continue to make the same level of improvement in the next few years as we did this year, very soon we will soon run out of things to do!

Marching Band is a unique challenge that requires everyone to be of one mind. Every student marches; no one “sits on the bench” in this activity. Next year we will be in such a wonderful place with 75% of the band students having one solid year of experience. Therefor allowing us to go further, faster. Plus, we’ll put those new uniforms to good use. I am currently in discussions with Dr. Nathan Stark, Director of Bands at MSU, to put together a Montana Marching Band show. The idea is that High Schools with halftime shows will perform for one another for comments and eventually adjudication!

For those of you who follow the 2016-2017 Band Performance Calendar religiously, you may have noticed that there is a Marching Band Awards Concert scheduled for October 26th. Given that our uniforms have yet to arrive, I will be postponing this performance until sometime in late November (when are uniforms are scheduled to arrive). I apologize that the uniforms have taken so long. Sadly, Chuck Watts, the gentleman we were working with from the uniform company, passed away from a battle with cancer. Chuck was a great man who worked hard to help design the uniforms and help get Park High the best uniform we could afford. The band world lost a great man.

Be Well,

Garrett Stannard