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May / June

Upcoming Events -

5/13 - Nathan Stark, Director of Bands at MSU @ Park High, 1st and 2nd period

5/16 - Wycliffe Gordon, Jazz Trombone Master Class @ Bozeman High School, 6:30pm

5/24 - Choir Concert @ PHS Rec Plex, 7pm

5/25 - Band Concert @ PHS Rec Plex, 7pm

5/27 - Wind Ensemble performs @ East Side, 8:15am 6/01 - Jazz Ensemble and Rep Jazz @ Livingston's Farmers Market, 5:30-7:30 6/02 - 5th/6th Grade Band and Choir Concert, 5:30 & 6:00pm @ SGMS

6/05 - Graduation Day @ PHS Main Gym, 2pm

6/08 - Last Day of Instruction, 1/2 day

TBD - Band Family Meeting @ PHS, 7pm

Nick Mancini and Peter Schlamb: Jazz Appreciation Month

Photo By: Holly Evans

Several months ago, I was contacted by John J. Roberts, Director of Jazz and Low Brass studies at MSUB. He proceeded to tell me he was bringing up Nick Mancini, a professional jazz vibraphonist and educator from LA for an event in Billings. I was honored when John asked if I wanted to steal Nick for a day to work with our students and I jumped at the opportunity.

Wednesday Nick, and myself met up at Plonk to check it out ANOTHER jazz vibes player that just happened to be in Bozeman that day.... How often are there two professional jazz vibes players in Montana?!?! Well i'll tell ya, NEVER! So we had to go!

Upon walking in the door Nick recognized the vibraphone player (Peter Schlamb) from when the two of them played in New York! They hugged each other and proceeded to reconnect. Around 11pm that night I was surprised that I was able to easily convince Peter to join us the following morning at Park High for a jazz clinic at 7:30am! Upon hearing what was happening the next morning Luca Rodoni emphatically joined in, skipping school to attend. This small jazz clinic turned into a one-time only supergroup overnight!

April is known as Jazz Appreciation Month in the US and we need our kids to experience something greater than reading an article about jazz, listening to some recordings, or discussing who Charlie Parker was. All of those things are extremely important in the study and appreciation of Jazz but Jazz functions just like a language. You're not going to learn it from a text. You need to experience it; immerse yourself with native speakers. Listen to people who can communicate authentically in an intimate setting. Since our students cannot make it to a smoky jazz club at 2am in Manhattan, we must bring it to them. Playing music with such accomplished musicians is a real treat! It was such a blessing to be humbled by their virtuosity. Hopefully, showing students that when musicians come together with a common love, the joy that overflows is indescribable. There were just as many smiles and hand claps that morning as notes were played. Students need to know that music brings a diverse world together in a way we need now more than ever!

A very special thank you to Matt Ridgeway. Without his commitment to jazz education and appreciation, none of this would be a reality.

Uniform Update:

This past week we were able to make the initial deposit to put the uniforms into production: $11,300, 1/3 of the final cost. The uniform take anywhere from 120-150 days to produce, placing our order to be delivered as early as early September to early October.

This week week we received a $1000 grant from The Community Closet in Livingston towards our uniforms! Bringing our total to $21,100. Slowly, we are making it there!

Looking Ahead

MSU Director of Bands @ Park High

Friday the 13th, Dr. Nathan Stark will be stopping by the high school to listen to our progress towards our final concert. A phenomenal educator and musician, this should be a real treat.

Wycliff Gordon at Bozeman High School

Bozeman High School is hosting Wycliffe Gordon, one of the top jazz trombonists EVER, in Bozeman on May 16-17. Kelly Burdahl (Director of Bands, Bozeman High School) extended an invitation out to Park High if we wanted to have our kids to come over to take advantage of this rare opportunity!

Bozeman is hosting a FREE clinic on Monday, May 16, in the high school band room at 6:30 PM, (after all practices so kids can make it!), and then Mr.Gordon will be performing with Bozeman's jazz band on Tuesday, May 17 at the Willson Auditorium on Main Street. Concert starts at 7:30 with the Jazz Choir, Jazz Band II, then Jazz I and Wycliffe. Tickets are $10 each.

Band Parent Meeting

There is a lot to discuss with next school year in band so there will be a meeting for all parents/students participating in band next fall. Time TBD.

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