• Mr. Garrett Stannard

Week of January 18th

Upcoming Events:

1/22 - Friday - Pep Band - 5:20

1/23 - Saturday - Pep Band - 1:20

1/25 - Monday - Parent ThinkTank Meeting - 6:30pm

A belated “Happy New Year” to all!

I hope you are well as this new year progresses.


congratulations to all who have auditioned! It is a vulnerable process for us as musicians and we all grow immensely through these experiences. We will be having some personnel shifts this second semester based on the auditions. New concert music will begin to be handed out next week as we prepare for a March 10th Concert (7pm). It’s seems like a long time out, but this is the time of the year we take on our most technically demanding music. Thank you, in advance, for your hard work and dedication towards a great performance!


Today we received a full size/wearable mockup of our uniform! Soon I would like to put together a bit of a marketing campaign to help us build momentum as we move forward. The fundraising for the Marching Band Uniforms has been going great! With the help of many generous contributors we have currently raised $15,200 for our uniforms; all without having to canvas the city trying to sell goods and services!!! As many of you are aware, this puts us $14,800 shy of our goal which we hope to reach by the end of this school year.

Using this uniform fundraiser as a jumping off point - It would be a huge help to see a generation of parents come alongside this effort and form a type of “music boosters organization.” I have an idea based on several I’ve seen before but how this will look will be defined by us. This is where you come in…I would like to schedule a brainstorm meeting for Monday January 25th at 6:30pm. By attending this meeting you are by no means “signing up” for a task or role in a possible boosters organization. This is only to brainstorm how to best accomplish the goals of our program and help build your child’s musical experience.

We are reaching a point in the Instrumental Music Program where our dreams are more ambitious than one man and a room full of musicians can accomplish. Your input will be greatly appreciated!!!

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