• Mr. Garrett Stannard

'19 - September 30th - Homecoming Week

Thank you Jeannette Waldron, Sherri Nohl, Tiffaney Loomis, and two young siblings; Amy Waldron and Shayne Ryan for the decoration of our kids' lockers. Your work this Sunday will bring much joy to studnets as they enter school Monday morning :)


MSU Brass Faculty at PHS

1st & 2nd period

7th and 8th grade students will join the high school band to watch this special performance by the MSU Brass Faculty.

This should prove to be inspiring and motivating on our journey of understanding and developing quality musicianship.


Uniform Sizing

1st & 2nd period

During rehearsal students will have their measurements recorded. These measurements will allow us to assign the appropriate garment to each student during Friday's rehearsal.

During rehearsal we will polish up and memorizing our halftime show music.

- School Fight Song

- Pick Up The Pieces

- Summertime

A big thank-you to our volunteer uniform fitters: Sherri Nohl, Tiffaney Loomis, and Sandi Marlow!


Outside Marching Rehearsal

1st & 2nd period

Dress warm!

We will be cleaning the first half of our show with marching AND music.


Outside Marching Rehearsal

1st & 2nd period

Dress warm!

We will be outside cleaning up the second half of the show with marching AND music.

Friday (BIG DAY)

Uniform Fittings - 1st & 2nd per Pep Assembly - 3pm Homecoming Parade - 4pm

*Dinner Provided - 4:30pm

I need help providing food for the kids on this long day. Would a few families help whip up some simple and filling food?

Football Pep Band - 6pm

1/2 time show - 7:45pm (est.)

Dismissal - 9:00pm (est.)

*Students, please bring to school your black pep-band shirt, black socks, and black shoes.

Thank-you volunteer uniform fitters Sherri Nohl, Tiffaney Loomis, Jeannette Waldron, Ashley Sites, and Sandi Marlow!


MSU Showcase of Marching Bands 12pm-6:00pm

12:00 Report to the PHS Football Field in half uniform: combined final marching rehearsal

12:50 Pack, load equipment, and change into full uniform

1:20 Depart for MSU's Bobcat Stadium

2:00 Arrive, Unload, and Warmup

3:00 Belgrade High School

3:15 Park High School

3:30 Flathead High School

3:45 Bozeman High School

4:15 MSU Spirit of the West Band

4:30 Awards and Recognitions

4:45 Pack all Equipment

5:00 Load Busses to Return

5:40 Arrive and Unload

6:00 Dismissal

Thank you to Sherri & Derek Nohl AND Sandi & Andy Marlow for the use of their trailers and the transportation

*I need 4-5 parents to help the band load/unload/stage on and off field and help with corralling kids, wardrobe malfunctions, and boo-boos.

Looking Forward

Parent Meeting for the Livingston Jazz Festival

October 9th 6pm

We will discuss the jazz festival.

Jazz Rehearsal Schedule

Week of September 30

Monday - Jazz Ensemble Tuesday - Rep Jazz Wednesday - Jazz Ensemble Thursday - Rep Jazz & Jazz Ensemble (sectionals day) Friday - Rep Jazz

Week of October 7

Monday - Jazz Ensemble Tuesday - Rep Jazz Wednesday - Jazz Ensemble Thursday - Rep Jazz Friday - No Rehearsal - "Gold Ranger Friday" Academic Help Session

Week of October 14

Monday - Jazz Ensemble Tuesday - Rep Jazz Wednesday - Jazz Ensemble & Rep Jazz Thursday No School Friday - No School

Upcoming Events


  • 4 // Marching Band - Homecoming Parade and Football Game

  • 5 // Marching Band - MSU Showcase of Bands

  • 25 // CANCELED - Pep Band - Football - 3:15pm call - 6:30pm est. dismissal

  • 26 // Volleyball - Pep Band - 3:40pm Call - 5:30pm est. dismissal


  • 2 // Volleyball - Pep Band - 6:40pm Call - 8:30pm est. dismissal

  • 7 // Liv Jazz Fest

  • 8 // Liv Jazz Fest - Rep Jazz and Jazz Ens. Performance

  • 9 // Liv Jazz Fest - Jazz Ens. Performance