• Mr. Garrett Stannard

'19 - October 7th - Quiet after the Storm

The whirlwind of Homecoming Week has subsided. I feel strongly that this week has been a fabulous success. The kids grew leaps and bounds and excellence was fought for and achieved all along the way. Parents, this program cannot fully serve our students without the support of our volunteers. Help me thank those who helped make this week an unforgettable experience for our students and community.

  • Sherri & Derek Nohl, Sandi & Andy Marlowe, Tiffaney Loomis, Jacqueline Boreham, Angie Holms, Lessie Sites, Jeannette Waldron, Annie Beaver, Jenny Stringer, the MSU Brass Faculty and the MSU Marching Band Students and Faculty.

Your help facilitated wonderful experiences in our community:

Parent Volunteer Coordinator

I would like to thank Tiffaney Loomis for her offer to help coordinate Park High Marching Bandwagon volunteers. As we move forward next fall, Tiffaney will help to connect and coordinate parent involvement in our program. Please contact her for all your Park High Marching Band Volunteer needs:

Looking Forward - Livingston Jazz Festival

last week I posted: "Parent Meeting for the Livingston Jazz Festival

October 9th 6pm" (CANCELED)

Unfortunately, I am not quite ready to for that meeting: These will be the dates for parent input and facilitation of the Livingston Jazz Fest:

Upcoming Jazz Festival Parent Meetings (video conference equipped)

  • October 14th, Monday - Parent Discussion & Planning Meeting (6-7:30pm)

  • October 30th, Wednesday - Parent Implementation and Discussion Meeting (6-7:30pm)

Video Conference Link: * will posted in next week's Weekly Update.

Parents who are unable to be physically present will be able to video conference into the meeting from home! Stannard Tip: when in a conference call, use headphones with a built in microphone. (stock iPhone headphones are perfect!) this speaker/microphone configuration will allow you to listen and contribute more effectively.

Jazz Rehearsal Schedule

Week of October 7

Monday - Jazz Ensemble Tuesday - Rep Jazz Wednesday - Jazz Ensemble Thursday - Rep Jazz Friday - No Rehearsal - "Gold Ranger Friday" Academic Help Session

Week of October 14

Monday - Jazz Ensemble Tuesday - Rep Jazz Wednesday - Jazz Ensemble & Rep Jazz Thursday - No School Friday - No School

Week of October 21

Monday - Jazz Ensemble Tuesday - Rep Jazz Wednesday - Jazz Ensemble Thursday - Rep Jazz & Jazz Ensemble Friday - Rep Jazz

Upcoming Events


  • 14 // Jazz Fest - Parent Discussion & Planning Meeting (6-7:30pm) - ADDED

  • 21 // Football - Pep Band - (4:30pm - 7pm) est. dismissal - ADDED

  • 26 // Volleyball - Pep Band - (3:40pm - 5:30pm) est. dismissal

  • 30 // Jazz Fest - Parent Implementation & Discussion Meeting (6-7:30pm) - ADDED


  • 2 // Volleyball - Pep Band - (6:40pm - 8:30pm) est. dismissal

  • 7 // Liv Jazz Fest - Gateway City Big Band (non PHS student performance) 6:30pm - 9pm

  • 8 // Liv Jazz Fest - Rep Jazz and Jazz Ens. Performance - AM and PM performances

  • 9 // Liv Jazz Fest - Jazz Ens. Performance - 7:00pm performance