• Mr. Garrett Stannard

'19 - Nov 4

All Things Jazz Fest!

Nov 7 - 8 - 9

Please forgive the latency of this update. I'm up to my ears in Jazz Fest. Well, here goes nothing!

Parents I need help shuttling guest artists to and from Bozeman Airport. Take a look at the

"Festival Volunteer Schedule" for highlighted areas. Maybe you're already taking a trip to Bozo and can help me out. If a task is highlighted, it needs your help!

Please trust me, if I could do it - I would.

Contact me at to assist.

Festival Volunteer Schedule

Friday's Public School Performance Schedule

Student and Parent Contact Sheetd

Jazz Rehearsal Schedule

Week of November 4

Monday - Jazz Ensemble Tuesday - Rep Jazz Wednesday - Jazz Ensemble Thursday - Rep Jazz (LIV JAZZ FEST - PM) Friday - No zero hour rehearsal (LIV JAZZ FEST - ALL DAY)

Week of November 11

Monday - No Rehearsal Tuesday - No Rehearsal Wednesday - Jazz Ensemble Thursday - Rep Jazz Friday - No School

Upcoming Events


  • 7 // Liv Jazz Fest - Gateway City Big Band (non PHS student performance) 6:30pm - 9pm

  • 8 // Liv Jazz Fest - Rep Jazz and Jazz Ens. AM Performance - J.Ens. 7:00PM performance

  • 9 // Liv Jazz Fest - Jazz Ens. Performance - 7:00pm performance


  • 10 // High School Band Concert (Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Bands)

  • 14 // Basketball Pep Band - 4pm & 5:30pm games

  • 19 // Basketball Pep Band - 7pm game - 8th Grade Night!