...to be released Summer 2019

...to be released Fall 2019

At the end of the basketball season we will take a selected Pep Band to Billings for the Class A Divisional Basketball Tournament


Divisional's Selection Process... 

The size and instrumentation of the band will be set by the number of seats on the bus and hotel room availability (roughly 30 students). In the event, there are more students than spots, students will be chosen based on the following system:

   - 1 point, Freshman 
   - 2 points, Sophomores 
   - 3 points, Juniors
   - 4 points, Seniors 
   - 1 point, for every game attended

 Those with the most points at the end of the season will be selected to travel. 

*In the event of a tie, GPA will be the deciding factor. *Students who are not academically ineligible be permitted to attend.