Schedule: 7:20am - 8:00am

Monday: Jazz Ensemble 

Tuesday: Rep Jazz 

Wednesday: Jazz Ensemble 
Thursday: Rep Jazz

Friday: Rep Jazz & Jazz Ensemble 

The Park High Jazz Program is a laboratory for students to learn how to perform within the context of the Jazz language. This ensemble not only focuses on standard jazz big band repertory, but latin, hip-hop, rock, and funk styles as well. All students are encouraged to explore the concept of solo improvisation as it relates to Jazz and American music.


The Jazz Program is open to all band students at Park High but admittance into Jazz Ensemble is granted upon a formal audition. Auditions are held during the second week of school within normal rehearsal times.

Looking for a summer workshop to play and learn jazz? Let us help you become the jazz musician you want to be, and give you the skills you need to succeed. Most importantly, you'll be part of a group that enjoys playing and learning as much as you do.

Workshop Focus: 

   - Style
   - Develop Confidence
   - Listening
   - Improvisation 
   - Time and Groove
   - Sight-Reading AND MORE!

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CLICK HERE for Middle School Registration

* registration is open to adults - contact garrett.stannard@livingston.k12.mt.us for recommendations on placement.