Welcome to the Park High Band Program!  With a fine tradition of success, every year we continuing to push ourselves to new heights. With prided we, Park High School and Livingston Montana, offer a wide range of musical opportunities for our student musicians and artists.


The  success  of  the  band  program  centers  on a commitment  to task;  an open  willingness  to  work  hard. Achieving  a  common  goat together, we are greater than the sum of our parts.  We  do  not  expect  every student in the program to become a virtuoso musician, however, we do expect every student to exhibit mature, responsible attitudes and actions at all times. A willingness to laugh and work for the benefit of all is essential in this organization.


Every year presents a new challenge: a new combination of personalities, talent, audiences, and music. By accepting membership in the Park High Band Program, students agree to work together with their peers and the director to make this year’s band the most fulfilling musical experience our combined efforts can produce.